Advantages of natural stone heating.


The advantages of natural stone heating are both functional and economic. Infrared waves transfer heat energy directly to existing objects and the surrounding walls without having to heat the air first. This saves energy and even provides greater well-being.

Owners of natural stone heaters enjoy the highest level of thermal comfort with ideal humidity. Since no heated air circulates in the room - as is usual with convection heaters - far less dust and germs are stirred up. This is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Radiant heat.

The natural stone radiator gives off heat almost evenly to its surroundings, without air circulation.

Convection heating.

Conventional convection heating creates significant temperature differences and swirls up increased dust due to air circulation.

Natural stone heating always provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.


Maximum thermal comfort.

Infrared heaters do not heat the air, but transfer heat radiation directly to solid objects in a room. This results in an even and gentle distribution of heat throughout the room. At the same time, the air remains cool and drafts – which spread dust and bacteria – are largely avoided.

High efficiency.

Due to the large heat capacity of natural stone, natural stone heaters can store their heat for a long time and release it again evenly and gently. In addition, the heaters can be set to operate in low tariff periods if possible. This again saves energy costs.


Sizes and technical details of the natural stone heater.

Stress-free operation.

Another important feature of natural stone heaters is their extreme durability and longevity - there are no moving parts to maintain or replace. The surface of the heaters is smooth and therefore super easy to maintain.


Our natural stone varieties.

Simple, convenient, versatile.

Natural stone heaters can be easily and quickly installed both vertically and horizontally - at the bottom or top of the wall and even on the ceiling. A unique advantage is that the heaters can be controlled both by cable and conveniently by radio. They can also be easily integrated into any smarthome solution and by creating separate heating zones for different areas of a house, you can reduce energy costs even further.


Control of the natural stone heating.

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